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tell us your good fun stories. what went wrong but at te end was a good joke.

Friday, September 08, 2006

With a rented car I was driving between khon kaen and udon tani, in the isaan province of Thailand. Normally one can drive 120km per hour on the highways. Since the highway was in a very poor shape I was drinving only 100 km per hour. My luck, I had to stop for a police check post. My Thai is not really shining therefore was I a little uncomfortable. The police agent start to explain me that I drove nevertheless rapidly, but and that it was not really too fast nevertheless rapidly, so I had to be carefull and more and more... He was making clear for me that he wanted some money. Gladly there was an easy way to avoid problems, so i decided to give hime 200 bath. The police constable was now starting to explain me that the offence was not that erible so he returned 100 bath to me.
Fantastic no ? honesty in bribing!


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